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bitgraphix: about our store

Simply put, we’re art school grads with an enthusiastic DIY spirit, who appreciate good design, and are excited by emerging technologies. Those DIY roots grow out of both the punk / hardcore and underground electronic music scenes. It was there where we honed our Do It Yourself sensibilities, if we wanted something, we made it ourselves. Whether it was creating our own records and band merch, or organizing dance events and designing cool invites. Same holds true here. The Bitcoin and blockchain space have a similar DIY vibe, which is another reason why we love this crypto subculture. We wanted some great looking crypto shirts, so we started making them ourselves. It was a logical step to take the graphic design work we’ve been doing in the space, and turn it into streetwear.

If you’ve clicked around on our site, you’ll see it’s clear we’ve taken a giant swig of the Crypto Kool-aid. What can we say, we’re passionate about the possibilities Bitcoin and other blockchain projects have to offer society. What better way for us to show our support and fandom than to make swag we love to wear?  Of course, it goes without saying, we hope you’ll love it also.

So with that, welcome to our humble Bitgraphix store. We have a lot of designs in the pipeline and plan to be rolling a number of new products in the coming weeks and months. Follow us on social media if you’re interested to see what’s next. If you have some suggestions, we’re all ears.

Thanks for your support,

      -Acroyear Bitgraphix