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nix-logoPROJECT: NIX Platform Key Features

We’ve been following the NIX project since its inception, and have been consistently impressed by what the team is building with regards to privacy, governance and ease of use. Inspired by the team’s relentless development progress, the elegant and well-designed NIX UI wallet, and their supportive and helpful community; we felt compelled to create a premium animation showcasing some of the many features of the impressive Nix Platform.

We encourage everyone to visit, read the whitepaper, learn how NIX is creating Total Privacy For All and join the community on discord and telegram.   

This video is and was made as a guerrilla promotional effort.

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Want to see more NIX featured animations? We’d love to create a video promoting NIX and the new Flarewallet. Your support can make that possible.

nix-logonix: gallery

NIX Platform teaser animation: short teaser for the feature animation posted above.

nix-logonix: gallery

Still frames from feature animation and additional sketches.

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