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bitgraphix: mission

premium graphics for bitcoin and blockchain 

As the internet age evolves into the blockchain era, Bitgraphix aims to be on the forefront of this new era’s design language. With decades of experience in 3d animation, Feature Film visual effects, motion graphics, and print design, the Bitgraphix team is focusing its talents on Blockchain. Our Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools are ever changing and evolving in both scope and ability, and we believe there’s no space more appropriate than Blockchain in which to apply our creative talents and toolset. Together, Blockchain and DCC are a perfect blend of leading-edge software technology. The team at Bitgraphix is committed to expressing that fusion through premium, eye-catching, visual design. 

bitgraphix: about us

Bitgraphix is laser focused on bringing feature film quality effects, animation, motion graphics and graphic design into the blockchain and crypto space. Our team members have diverse talents, backgrounds, and skills which are brought together under the Bitgraphix umbrella by our overwhelming drive to create.

team: details


Acroyear, Bitgraphix team leader, cut his teeth doing live visuals at dance events, as well as graphic design for rave flyers. After learning about blockchain the creative gears started turning, and now the inspiration that drove him with rave graphics has returned with a vengeance. 


With a background in film and broadcast special effects, Karza is a powerful technical mastermind who is always looking for the next challenge.  Bitgraphix is honored to have such a talented brain on the team. 


With an exceptional eye for detail and sleepless work ethic, we call Biotron the Digital Art Machine, he eats, drinks, breathes art and design. Lives to create. Creates to live. With paint or with pixel, he never stops. Like a reprogrammed Terminator robot, Biotron is relentless in his creative expression. 


Arcturus is our yogi and lead compositing specialist. When he’s not sitting behind a screen making beautiful computer images, he’s globetrotting to his next yoga retreat and sitting in a Zen lotus position. As a crucial member of the Bitgraphix team, he reminds us to seek balance between life and work, something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. 


Cilicia is a singer and musician who is passionate about house dancing, provides Bitgraphix the soundtracks to the crypto visuals. Her broad spectrum of musical tastes and influences keeps the beats fresh and inspired. 

bitgraphix: fuel

We are passionate about Bitcoin and Blockchain tech. To us Bitcoin is much more than some innovative lines of code, more than a trending speculative investment, more than a buzzword on CNBC. We believe it holds the promise of a brighter future for all humanity. Not only is it a decentralized digital store of value and form of money, but it’s also unconfiscatable, incorruptible, and resistant to censorship. It’s like physical gold 2.0. Government printed money (fiat money) has a limitless supply, as central banks can print as much as they like, which, in extreme cases, can lead to budget deficits, hyper-inflation and currency collapse. In subtler ways the continuous expansion of the fiat money supply looks simply like the cost of living going up. But in reality, the things we buy aren’t necessarily getting more expensive, it’s the expanding money supply that is making the fiat dollars less valuable. Bitcoin is truly the solution to this and many other societal challenges. *

 Bitcoin is too important for us not to be passionate about it, and its that passion that fuels Bitgraphix.

For an exegesis on Bitcoin and its value in society, we highly recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous